Open Source

Мы используем как свои проекты, так и сообщества.

  • Проекты Solus65%
  • Проекты Open Source35%
Our projects
Brisk Menu
An efficient menu for the MATE Desktop
Budgie Desktop
A feature-rich, luxurious desktop using the most modern technologies.
Simplistic driver detection and management utility specifically for Solus.
Projects we're built upon
Solus leverages many open source projects including systemd, as well as compliance with XDG specifications.
GNOME Project
We utilize software from the GNOME Project for a wide set of functionality across Solus, ranging from Budgie's window manager to the file manager in our main edition. Graphical tools such as DoFlicky, Linux Steam Integration, and our Software Center are built upon GTK. In addition, we offer a GNOME variant of Solus shipping the upstream GNOME Shell desktop environment.